420 Visa Health Insurance

Subclass 420 Temporary Work (Entertainment) Visas: The Facts

Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) from Allianz Global Assistance is health insurance designed for international visitors on visas like the Subclass 420 Visa.

Are you an entertainer at heart?

The Subclass 420 Visa (Entertainment) lets you work in Australia in the entertainment industry for a nominated period of up to two years.

You could: work as a performer in theatre, concert, film, television or radio; work in a behind-the-scenes production role like a director or producer; make a documentary or commercial; or support an entertainer or group in relation to a performing contract.

On a 420 visa you can enter and leave Australia as many times as you like while your visa is valid, and you may be able to bring eligible family members with you to Australia.

Whatever your role, keep in mind that you’re required to maintain adequate health insurance during your time in Australia on a visa, unless your country has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia.



Getting ready to apply

1. Sponsorship

First, an Australian organisation, Australian or foreign government agency or eligible individual must apply to become an ‘entertainment sponsor’.

2. Nomination

The approved entertainment sponsor then needs to nominate you to undertake a position.

3. Application

You can then apply for a Subclass 420 Temporary Work (Entertainment) Visa.

Eligibility requirements

You might be eligible for a 420 Visa (Entertainment) if you:

  • Work in the entertainment industry.
  • Are nominated for a position by an approved entertainment sponsor (or applicant).
  • Have the experience or skills needed for that position.
  • Can financially support yourself and any accompanying family members while you’re in Australia. You might be asked to provide evidence like employment contracts or bank statements to prove this.
  • Have health insurance for yourself and any family that comes with you.
  • Meet the health and character requirements.

Health insurance requirement

The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires that you maintain an appropriate level of health insurance for yourself and any family you bring with you while on a 420 Visa, unless your country has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia.

Allianz Global Assistance offers an OVHC policy ideal for 420 Visa (Entertainment) holders that gives you access to a range of benefits to help you stay healthy*, including:

  • In-hospital medical treatment.
  • Some prescription medicines, depending on the level of cover you choose.
  • Emergency ambulance transport and more.

You can choose from two levels of cover to suit your needs: Budget Visitors – Hospital Only and Visitors Plus*.

* Read the OVHC Policy Wording for full terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. This information is intended only to provide a summary and general overview on matters of interest and it is not intended to be comprehensive. You should seek professional advice before acting or relying on any of the content. Talk to your immigration consultant and visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for further information.

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