When you can’t find an appropriately skilled Australian to fill a position, international employees can bring valuable experience and cultural diversity to your organisation, often sparking innovation and out-of-the-box ideas.

Allianz Global Assistance can work with you to ensure your employees on temporary working visas meet the relevant health insurance requirements.


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Sponsoring a worker

To become a business sponsor, you must apply to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

There are several requirements for employers to become an approved standard business sponsor. These include that the business:

  • Must be lawfully operating in or outside Australia.
  • Must meet (or commit to meet) the training benchmarks for the program and continue to meet these requirements for the term of the sponsorship.
  • Must have a direct employer-employee relationship (if the business is outside Australia).
  • Must not on-hire skilled workers (unless the occupation is exempt).
  • (or persons associated with the business) do not have adverse information known to the department.
  • Once approved, must comply with all sponsor obligations.
  • Must attest to a strong record of, or a demonstrated commitment to:
    • Employing local labour.
    • Non-discriminatory employment practices.

Nominating a position

Once your business is an approved sponsor, you can identify (nominate) a position to be filled by an overseas skilled worker.

The requirements to nominate a position to be filled by an overseas skilled worker include:

  • The business must be an approved sponsor, have lodged a sponsorship application or applied for sponsorship at the same time as the nomination application.
  • The business must demonstrate a genuine need for the nominated position in their business.
  • The nominee must be an existing subclass 457 visa holder, an applicant for a subclass 457 visa holder or a proposed applicant for a subclass 457 visa.
  • The position must relate to an eligible occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List.
  • Labour market testing must have been undertaken unless the occupation is exempt.
  • The position must have equivalent terms and conditions of employment that would be provided to an Australian who performs the same duties in the same location—this is known as the market salary rate.

This information is sourced from the Australian Government DIBP website. For more detailed information, visit the DIBP Employer Hub.

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